Unique cloud service to cut your carbon footprint – without compromising quality
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Sustainable Cloud

Grøn Sky is your low-emission cloud solution, where you can store your holiday photos and other valuable documents with a clear conscience.

Instant or Long-term

Most people don’t need instant access to all their files in the cloud. Store some of your data on our dormant hard drives that only use power when you access them.

CO2 Reduction

Data stored in our Long-term storage reduces CO2 emissions by almost 90% compared to regular cloud storage.

You decide - Customize your storage

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The strongest security for your data

State-of-the-art servers

Join the green internet revolution!

Did you know that CO2 emissions from the internet equal the emissions from all air traffic in the world? (Read more in our documentation)
Move the sliders below, to see how much CO2 you can save by using Grøn Sky instead of a conventional cloud solution:

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Renewable energy sources vary from region to region, which affects the CO2 emission from energy production.
In the USA 1 kilo Watt emits 1.54 lb/0.7 kg CO2 per hour.
In EU 1 kilo Watt emits 0.66 lb/0.3 kg CO2 per hour*.
In ASIA 1 kilo Watt emits 1.05 lb/0.475 kg CO2 per hour.
(Our CO2 calculator is based on a formula where 1 Tb of data stored on a server consumes 11.3 Watt per hour.)
*Oracle's cloud is powered by 100% renewable energy in Europe.

Grøn Sky and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Global Footprint

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Grøn Sky is developed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and has data centers around the world. We operate in the USA, the EU, and Asia, and are looking forward to expanding

Cyber Security

OCI is one of the most secure cloud infrastructures in the world. We use two-way identification and all data and data transfers are encrypted. State-of-the-art antivirus scan all files.

Renewable Energy

We are constantly trying to reduce CO2 emissions, and our partner Oracle's goal is to power its cloud with 100 percent renewable energy by 2025, a goal they have already achieved within the EU.

Sign up for our newsletter, and receive this e-book containing 100+ hacks to living a more sustainable life (while also saving money)!

Store your memories

By choosing a green cloud solution, you choose to be part of the green internet revolution. This area is often overlooked in the discussion of reducing greenhouse gasses – Even though CO2 emissions from the internet equals the carbon emissions from all air traffic in the world!

What sets Grøn Sky apart from other cloud services is that we store your uploads a bit differently. We don’t believe that everything needs to be instantly reachable, as a very big percentage of uploads are rarely (if ever) looked at again. Think about all your old assignments, photos, receipts, etc. The ones you don’t want to delete, just in case you might need them someday.

Our solution is to divide your uploads into instant access and long-term storage. The system automatically helps you identify which files you don’t use that are suitable for long-term storage. You can still retrieve your long-term storage files within a few hours, if you need them.


We have launched a crowdfunding campaign for Grøn Sky, allowing you to store your files with minimum environmental impact. With your backing, we can develop Grøn Sky for mobile devices as well and add a range of smart features. Join our VIP list and get the inside story of how and why we developed Grøn Sky.

Global Goals

Grøn Sky helps combat climate change while working on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 13. Not just via our cloud solution, but by every aspect of our company. That’s why we participate in the climate initiative ’CO2 neutral websites’ where the carbon emissions from our website have been neutralized by 200%.

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